About Komen Connecticut

Connecticut has the highest incidence of breast cancer in the United States. It’s a startling statistic. And it’s why we at Susan G. Komen Connecticut® — and all of our volunteers, donors, teams and sponsors — are dedicated to helping the more than 3,000 women diagnosed with breast cancer here each year with the research, education, screening and treatment that supports them in the fight of their lives.

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Keeping it local

And we mean local. Seventy-five percent of the funds we raise remain in Connecticut, and are invested in local breast cancer education, screening and treatment programs across the state. The remaining 25% is invested in research to find the causes and cures for breast cancer. None of these funds support Komen National. 

Our primary focus is on educating women and men in our state on the importance of early detection, funding free screening services and providing support to those who are diagnosed with breast cancer. With your help, we raise money to provide grants to fund essential programs right here in Connecticut that our mothers, daughters, sisters and friends rely on for the care they need.

Keeping a promise

Susan G. Komen was founded on a promise made between two sisters — Susan Goodman Komen and Nancy Goodman Brinker. Suzy was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1978, a time when little was known about the disease and it was rarely discussed in public. Before she died at the age of 36, Suzy asked her sister to do everything possible to bring an end to breast cancer. Nancy kept her promise by establishing Susan G. Komen in 1982 in Suzy’s memory.

Today, Susan G. Komen is a global leader in the fight against breast cancer. The Connecticut Affiliate of Susan G. Komen joins 124 other affiliates worldwide, works locally to fulfill the promise to save lives and end breast cancer forever by empowering people, ensuring quality care for all and energizing science to find the cures.

Komen Connecticut Staff

Lori van Dam - Interim CEO
Nicole Marohn - Development Director
Elizabeth DiMartino - Manager, Marketing & Communications
Denise Rivera-Coladonato - Grants & Mission Activities Coordinator
Meg Staubley - Events Coordinator
Michele Guerrera - Finance Director
Julie Armstrong - Affiliate Coordinator

Susan G. Komen Connecticut Board of Directors

Komen Connecticut is operated by a local board of directors, which makes all decisions regarding how our funds are allocated based on the breast health needs of our communities.

Gail Marcus - President
Nancy Meyer - Vice President
Donna Gilbert - Treasurer
Richard Campbell – Secretary
Tracy Church – Member at Large 
Christine George - Member at Large
David Gruen, M.D. – Member at Large
Mark Melendez, M.D. – Member at Large
Reem Nouh – Member at Large

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